Imagine - Your Brewery Automated
This could be your brewery on your smart phone.

Brewing beer requires plenty of skill. And control.
You provide the skill, we provide the control.

iBrewery can provide you with a unique real-time control system for all you fermenters
giving you monitoring and control of your brewery from anywhere. In the world.

You will never lose another batch. With real-time monitoring, you will get an e-mail when
your chiller system fails Friday night at 5:01 p.m just after you've left for the weekend.
You know how costly that can be.

You are invited to see an actual brewery in operation. Click "Astin Beerworks Dashboard" above,
then enter user "Showcase" and password "Showcase". Notice the temperature profiles when the cursor
passes over the temperature icon.

Contact us to see just how easy and inexpensive it is.

Contact us: info@ibrewery.com